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      How to choose aluminum alloy glass doors and windows suitable for your home?

      2019-05-22 11:40:47

      In the process of modern home decoration, some glass doors and windows are often used. Due to the different requirements of each owner, the material selection of glass doors and windows is relatively rich. In order to make the glass doors and windows installed in your home can play the function of heat insulation and sound absorption, what glass is better for doors and windows? Today's Jiuzheng small series is here for you to carry out the following analysis and suggestions Hope to help more people understand what glass is suitable for doors and windows!

      The glass of doors and windows in the room exposed to the sun or the West should be heat-absorbing coated glass: for the room in the morning or in the west, the outer side of the room can be made of endothermic coated glass, and the indoor side is made of ordinary white glass. Because the heat absorbing glass absorbs infrared light, it can reduce the incidence of solar energy by 20% - 30%, so as to reduce the heat energy entering the room. In summer, it can reduce the load of air conditioning; in winter, due to the absorption of infrared light, its temperature rises, which can resist external cold and achieve energy-saving effect. Because the heat absorbing glass is color glass, the decoration effect is obvious while saving energy.

      Insulating glass is more energy-saving: because the thermal conductivity of the sealed middle air layer is much lower than that of glass, the heat insulation performance of insulating glass can be increased by two times compared with single glass, and the power consumption of buildings equipped with air conditioning can be greatly reduced. In summer, the heat insulation can be over 70%, and in winter, the indoor heating is not easy to be lost, and the heat loss can be reduced to 40%, which plays the role of heat preservation, so that the cool summer and warm winter can be realized.

      Toughened glass is the safest: if toughened glass is selected for both indoor and outdoor glass, the impact resistance and safety of glass are greatly improved indoor and outdoor. Because the impact resistance of toughened glass is 5-10 times of ordinary glass, and its bending resistance is 3-5 times of ordinary glass, which can be said to be safe home.

      In a word, indoor door and window glass must be selected from the orientation of its window and whether it needs heat insulation and sound insulation. At present, general insulating glass is more popular. It is not only more heat insulation and sound absorption than single glass, but also has stronger compression resistance than single glass, which is more suitable for high-rise buildings.


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